Brooklyn, Zombies & the News from St. Louis

Martin Lemelman, beloved Kutztown illustration faculty emeritus, shared some good news. He learned that his graphic novel, Two Cents Plain: My Brooklyn Boyhood was chosen by The New York Society Library  as a winner in the 2010-2011 New York City Book Awards. He didn’t even know the book was in the running. Martin was onContinue reading “Brooklyn, Zombies & the News from St. Louis”

TOM HUCK: –St. Louis Living Legend

Huck runs Evil Prints, a state-of-the art print studio in a borderline neighborhood of St, Louis. Most university print programs would envy his work space and  presses. Huck is surrounded by an entourage good-looking women, and bad-looking men. Printmakers are an odd lot. Huck is odder than most. He throws wild ‘performance’ parties. He isContinue reading “TOM HUCK: –St. Louis Living Legend”

Directions to Prints Gone Wild, Secret Project Robot

Some of us from Kutztown U are heading for Prints Gone Wild 2010 at Secret Project Robot, 210 Kent, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The directions are hard to find, and according to Secret Project Robot’s website the Google directions are wrong! So I’ve cut and pasted the subway instructions here: Directions: L train to Bedford Avenue; walk towards MetropolitanContinue reading “Directions to Prints Gone Wild, Secret Project Robot”