Evan Summer’s China Summer

Popular KU Professor Evan Summer spent a portion of his summer in China at the Guanlan Print Original Industry Base. Seems an “Original Industry Base” is what we in the U.S. might call an “art and business incubator.”

The Chinese government has invested millions of yuan building a state of the art printmaking studio in Guanlan, not far from Hong Kong. Evan Summer was one of small number of international master printmakers invited to do a residency there. To read his article about the Guanlan experience, published at Printeresting.org, click here .

Evan Summer photo from http://www.guanlanprints.com

Printeresting.org calls itself the “thinking person’s favorite online resource for interesting printmaking miscellany.” It is updated often and always features fascinating stories and amazing printed images.  If you can read Chinese, check out www.guanlanprints.com to learn more about the Guanlan Print Original Industry Base.

The Hakka Village, artist's residences, at Guanlan. Photo © Evan Summer 2010

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