Heads of State: You Are Invited!

Heads of State in Lancaster at Infantree

Ryan Smoker (KU CD alum) of Infantree invites everyone to Lancaster’s First Friday:  “We are excited to be hosting The Heads of State this coming First Friday, October 1st. The Gallery will be open from 5-10. Heads of State is a Philadelphia based, award-winning design and illustration studio consisting of Jason Kernevich and Dustin Summers. Together, they produce work for a wide range of clients. We are really looking forward to this show and are excited to see what these guys come up with to fill the gallery walls.”

NYT Magazine cover by Heads of State

Infantree 21 N. Prince St. Lancaster, 4th floor, 5-10pm, Friday, Oct.1. There will be other open studios in the neighborhood for the Lancaster First Friday event.

The Infantree is a full-service graphic design studio, whose work has been recognized by  the most prestigious organizations in the industry, including AIGA, Graphis, Print Magazine, HOW Magazine, Rockport Publishers and The Ad Club of Central PA.

The Stretch Limo Amish Buggy poster above is a great example of the graphic wit of Heads of State. Here are a few more examples:

Oil Poster, for Gulf of Mexico benefit. © Heads of State 2010
Editorial Illustration, NY Times, © Heads of State
Adam © Heads of State

To see more visit the Heads of State online store, or visit the site of their artist’s rep, Frank Sturges. Limited edition prints will be on sale at Infantree, Lancaster.

When Skateboards Will be Free, book cover, © Heads of State

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