KU Anime Club Helps JAPAN

KU Anime Club at Katuson Convention, Md, Feb. 2011

For years I’ve been faculty advisor to the Kutztown Anime club. Anime, as you probably know, is Japanese animation. This group has a reputation for being a bit odd. I’ve heard them called them “nerds,” “geeks,” or worse, by other students. Personally, I’m not a great anime fan, but I firmly believe anything that helps students build a sense of community during their time on this campus should be supported.

Help Japan graphic by ChaseJC

When the deadly 8.9 earthquake and then the tsunami struck Japan on March 11, I emailed the Anime club president, Abe Klein, to suggest they might do a fundraiser. “Even a small contribution would reflect concern for the culture that gave birth to anime,” I wrote.  Abe wrote back instantly that they were already working on it. 100% of the proceeds from their March 16 cookie sale went to Japan Relief. Typically, the Anime Club makes under $50 on a cookie sale, this event raised $487. Clearly many people at Kutztown University overpaid for their cookies, and some folks sent us donations through the campus mail. I’ve got the receipts from the American Red Cross /Japan Relief fund on my desk. I’m proud of these students.

Graphic above came thanks to ChaseJC: his deviant art page is here.

Jerry Pinkney story coming soon!

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