New Mural for Kutztown Library

This article originally appeared in “The Gonser Gazette” -the Friends of  Kutztown Community Library’s newsletter.

Mural design superimposed on a photo of the Kutztown Community Library.
Mural design superimposed on a photo of the Kutztown Community Library.

The Kutztown Community Library was selected once again this year to participate in Kutztown University’s “Designathon” for non-profit organizations.  Janet Yost, Lisa Schnell, and I presented Kutztown U Communication Design students the tasks of creating a new mural for our library’s outside wall and a brochure to be used for promotion of a new  upcoming children’s program.

The students, with guidance from several professors, had twenty-four hours (non-stop, no sleep) to complete the designs which included some very specific requests on our part.  This was all done with no fee to our library.  Their finished designs are simply fantastic as you will see when the final painting and printing are completed this summer.

KU CD Mural Design Team
KU CD Designathon team after 24 hours non-stop work. Kelly Arsi, Sean Miller, Torrey Smith, Ryan Gaylets, Prof. Elaine Cunfer, Margariete Malenda, and Zack Fogleman.

Wonderful as their work is though, I am even more impressed by the KU students themselves. They were polite and patient as they listened to our needs, enthusiastic about the process, and not the least bit daunted by the responsibility put before them.  And worn out as those artists should have been at the twenty-four-hour deadline, they quite happily presented their finished products to us.  They eagerly awaited our approval, which we gave them whole-heartedly.  Some of them actually offered to help paint the mural for us this summer…..even though they will have already graduated.

In a world where there seems to be so much bad news, these KU students are the good news.  They are well on their way to understanding how important it is to willingly donate time and energy to make a community a better place.  I am happy to know that they, and so many just like them, will be an integral part of the future.  Thanks to all of you dedicated parents and educators who have given them to us.

– Mary Jo Johnson, President Emeritus, Friends of the Kutztown Community Library

Mural detail showing homage to Keith Haring.
Mural detail showing homage to Keith Haring.

Editor’s Note: The break-dancing silhouettes pay homage to the style of Keith Haring, Kutztown, PA’s best-known artist. Turns out his parents are active Friends of the Kutztown Library, and the Harings gave their blessing to this use of imagery based on Keith’s signature style.

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