Viva Letterpress!


The Chandler and Price Letterpress was first built in Cleveland, Ohio in 1881. The factory shut down in 1964. Today the Chandler and Price press is having something of a revival in the U.S. In Mexico, however, it never died. Last week I chanced upon Maestro Eduardo Sergio Sanchez Lopez working at his shop, Tipografia Azteca, in Oaxaca. I stopped to admire his press. He sets the type and prints 100 business cards for 184 pesos. That is about $14 U.S.

I ordered a set of cards printed on simple stock. I drew a sketch of what I wanted, just my name, this blog adress,, and an email contact. Oddly enough, after my visit to Meastro Eduardo’s shop I travelled 12 hours by bus to a print shop in Chiapas, Mexico run by a collective of Maya women. They also had a working Chandler and Price press of a similar vintage. That workshop is called Taller Lenateros and I will write more about them soon.

20140201-001958.jpg P.S. If you need to get in touch with me here is my card:


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