Death with a Smile

MUMEDI is the Mexican Museum of Design, near the zocalo in the center of Mexico City. They host an international poster exhibition. The theme  this year is “To Death with a Smile.”

by Sam Mickley

On Facebook, Sam Mickley posted her image (above) and this note, “Found out today that I’m a finalist for the Mumedi International Poster Contest “To Death With A Smile”!  400 finalists were chosen out of thousands of entries, 22 of which were from the US, and out of those 15 were from KUCD!  Congrats to everyone who made it!”

by Andrew Hughmanick

The 15 Kutztown students honored designed these projects in Prof. Vicki Meloney’s and Prof. Elaine Cunfer’s Graphics 1 classes. Here is a selections of their diverse images.

by Elaine Knox
by Elaine Knox

Elaine Knox’s poster above is novel. She explains that she started with the concept of nature’s food chains and decided to depict a venus fly trap.

by Jamie Hubert
by Jamie Hubert

From Punk to The Bible, students found inspiration everywhere. Below is Cambrea Roy’s poster based on Paul’s Epistle to the Corinthians.

by Cambrea Roy

Jessica Strohecker created several wonderful images. She is not sure which one MUMEDI selected. Below is just one of her educational images on the concept of sepsis. 

Germs Kill Kill Germs by Jessica Strohecker
Germs Kill Kill Germs by Jessica Strohecker

Here’s an image by Miranda Pokras; it has a Venetian vibe.

by Miranda Pokras
by Miranda Pokras

These posters will be exhibited at MUMEDI, Mexico City for several months. And at the end of 2016, the exhibit will travel to Spain and Finland. As I get more images I will post them. Congrats to all the students and profs involved. We leave with a mysterious, somewhat surreal, illustration by Patrick Coyle.

By Patrick Coyle

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