Illustrator Awards at Kutztown U

“Sea Salt and Lime” © 2017 Meredith Shriner

Each year Kutztown University presents awards to the best of our Communication Design Graduates. This year the illustration honors went to Heather Fox and Meredith Shriner.  Meredith Shriner’s 3-D sailor, above, graced the poster of the K U Children’s Literature Conference. Created under the tutelage of Prof. Elaine Cunfer, it has been selected for exhibition at the Society of Illustrators, NYC.

Caldecott Winning illustrator Bryan Collier meets Meredith Shriner

Meredith won the Terry Boyle Award for the most improved illustrator. Terry Boyle was a student a Kutztown whose life was cut short by a car accident on RT 222 back in 1984. Terry had ambitions to be a children’s book illustrator and so her family and friends endowed this award in her honor.

The Bothersome Bat, a zine © Meredith Shriner.

Meredith did a wonderful zine for last year’s MoCCA, Museum of Cartoon and Comic Art event in NYC. Another memorable zine was made by Heather Fox. Heather won 2017’s Don Breter Award for the outstanding student illustrator.

Heather Fox and Jonathan Stutzman, photo from Facebook.

Heather, from Lancaster, PA, did a culturally appropriate illustration for her poster of the PA German colonial publisher, Peter Miller.

Peter Miller poster © Heather Fox

Heather has some great news that was revealed last month on Publisher’s Weekly site.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 11.33.15 AM.png

In 2015, Heather and Jonathan Stutzman reworked one of Rudyard Kipling’s  “Just So” tales, The Elephant’s Nose. Using Amazon’s print-on-demand publishing service, CreateSpace, they turned it into a real book, available here.  As you can see from the brief notice above their next book will be a big deal published by Putnam.

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 7.26.57 PM
Words by Jonathan Stutzman, art by Heather Fox

Don Breter, by the way, was the chair of the Communication Design Dept in 1989 when I got hired. He was an excellent draftsman and calligrapher and a wonderful man.


Here is a photo of all 5 Communication Design Award winners. Left to right: Graphic Design Award winner Jamie Hubert, Heather Fox, Interactive Design Award winner Alicia Wrye, Meredith Shriner, and Dianne V. Dockery Advertising Award Ciara Sweeney. It was noted this is an all female sweep of the awards. Since the majority of our Communication Design class is female, this should not be a great surprise. Excellent work all around. We expect great things of them all.


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