More Wild Animal Heads

Subject matter: Animals heads on human bodies. For this colored pencil project I suggest students use ordinary marker layout bond. Some prefer smooth bristol board. Recommended pencils brands are Prismacolor or Derwent.

Art © Anna Makdissi-Elias

I have been on tour with my kid’s books, so I haven’t been posting much. These images speak for themselves. All done by sophomores in the Kutztown University Communication Design program. Enjoy.

Bad Kid © Kelly Brong

Kelly Brong has a sketchbook full of fantastic sketches on tones paper. She got permission to use grey paper for the above portrait.

Lion Tamer © Leah Tierney

Leah Tierney impressed me by even attempting to portray the circus crowd.

Knitting Cat © Madison Woodruff

The Knitting Cat , above, and the Rammy fellow, below, are a tad sketchier than most images, In both cases the subtle color and careful mark making are truly exceptional.

Ram man © Morgan Nadin
Robin Hoot
Robin Hoot © Melissa Marshall

Robin Hoot is the name someone came up with for the image above, my fave. One tip with colored pencils is using a bit of isopropyl rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab to blend colors. If used everywhere the alcohol makes the colors mushy, but in moderation it’s a special effect worth trying.

At the Crowbar © Shannon Rosser

Speaking of alcohol and moderation, Shannon Roser’s Crowbar is atmospheric, isn’t it?

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