Seniors Shop at 6 a.m.

I was lucky enough to do The Cartoonist’s Diary column for a week (June 15-19) for The Comics Journal., TCJ. com. I call the series “The Wide World of Kutztown.” It’s all about my take on the pandemic in the tiny college town of Kutztown, PA. It has been going viral by my standards. 300 plus people liked Tuesday’s strip. Maybe so many people are at home and online.

The Comic Journal notes “A new Cartoonist’s Diary begins, with Kutztown’s own Kevin McCloskey clocking in for a look at his mailbox, his fertilizer, and his missing mailman!”

Here is an earlier version of a segment of a one of the diary strips. I will be posting some more comics here when I can.

Artwork © Kevin McCloskey 2020

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