Napoleon Digital Illustration

Got a Bamboo Fun Tablet by Wacom ($199) and have been experimenting with drawing and painting in Photoshop CS5. For this portrait of Napoleon, I began with a single reference image, an old print I bought in England over twenty years ago. I was in a used bookshop in Greenwich and found it in aContinue reading “Napoleon Digital Illustration”

Ashley, How did you get that great job?

I asked Ashley McDevitt, a 2011 grad, how she got her dream job so fast in today’s tough market? OK, so it all started when I went to the Portfolio Review. I heard from Prof. Bosler and Prof. Cunfer about a few of the people coming that I should pay attention to, one of themContinue reading “Ashley, How did you get that great job?”

Mark Van Stone, Epigrapher

In 2011, I traveled by bus through the Yucatan and Belize with a number of American scholars. One of them understood the language of the Maya.  Mark Van Stone is an author, calligrapher, designer and illustrator. He is also a world-class Maya epigrapher, meaning he can read and write Maya glyphs. He came to calligraphyContinue reading “Mark Van Stone, Epigrapher”

Things I Carried: Ipad & Sketchbook

Back in sleepy Kutztown after 6 weeks of traveling through the Yucatan and Belize. I carried a sketchbook and an Ipad. My most recent on-the-road blog entries were done on the Ipad. WordPress for IOS worked pretty well. It doesn’t have the full toolset or versatility of the computer version of WordPress. I couldn’t manageContinue reading “Things I Carried: Ipad & Sketchbook”

Jean Charlot, an illustrator worth knowing.

Jean Charlot was born in Paris in 1898. His name is pronounced in the French manner, something like “Jahn Sharlow.” Oddly enough, Charlot was a great Mexican illustrator. His mother was from Mexico and after World War I, she returned to Mexico with her son, Jean. By that point he was a young man, havingContinue reading “Jean Charlot, an illustrator worth knowing.”

Jan de Vos: In the flesh.

Update: July 25, 2011, Jan de Vos died yesterday morning in Mexico City. Below is my sketch from last month in Chiapas, Mexico. We met a holy man in Chiapas. Jan de Vos is 75 years old. He was born and educated in Belgium, He studied philosophy and theology with Prof. Ratzinger, who is nowContinue reading “Jan de Vos: In the flesh.”