Jerry Pinkney: Class Act at KU

In 1992, nearly 20 years ago, Prof. Elaine Cunfer and I went to Philadelphia to hear Jerry Pinkney speak. Mr. Pinkney was being given a lifetime achievement award by Drexel University. If he had been struck by lightning, or hit by a bus that day in Philadelphia his place in the pantheon of great children’sContinue reading “Jerry Pinkney: Class Act at KU”

Beth Krommes: Caldecott Winner Visits KU

Beth Krommes was born and raised just over the hill in Emmaus, PA. She recalls applying to study art at Kutztown State College. Her portfolio was accepted, but she chose to go to Syracuse University, in part, because it was further from home and she longed to travel. After her undergrad painting degree there, sheContinue reading “Beth Krommes: Caldecott Winner Visits KU”

Illustration at KU: 2010 Review

This blog began in June as a sort of trial balloon with the intention of highlighting the many accomplishments of KU’s illustration concentration. There is a myth, repeat myth, that KU is shutting down illustration. The roots of this misconception may be due to the reduced footprint of illustration in the new Sharadin building. ButContinue reading “Illustration at KU: 2010 Review”

Incoming!! Chris Dacre: WAR is FUN!

Chris Dacre (rhymes with baker) is the winner of the 2011 Sharadin Gallery Installation Residency at Kutztown University. The residency, which comes with a $10,000 budget, attracted over 150 proposals from all corners of the world.  I visited Dacre’s website to learn about his artwork. Most recently living in New Mexico, he has a BFAContinue reading “Incoming!! Chris Dacre: WAR is FUN!”

Peter Kuper at Kutztown

Peter Kuper came to Kutztown at the end of spring semester and gave a well-received Powerpoint lecture on political art. Kuper is a graphic novelist and illustrator whose work has appeared in Time, Newsweek, The NY Times, and Mad Magazine. A number of KU students, including Nick Eck, told Kuper they were fans of hisContinue reading “Peter Kuper at Kutztown”

Brett Helquist visit

Brett Helquist, illustrator, visited Kutztown in April during the 2010 KU Children’s Literature Conference. Best known as illustrator for Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, Brett Helquist’s personal success story sounds like a series of fortunate events. He grew up in the tiny red-dirt town of Gonado, Arizona. While he was studying at Brigham YoungContinue reading “Brett Helquist visit”