Covarubbias, more than a Caricaturist.

You never know where you might find an illustrator. Museo Textil de Oaxaca is a jewel of a museum in the center of Oaxaca. The current exhibition, Gráfica textil de Miguel Covarrubias, focuses on the work of the influential Mexican caricaturist. Born in Mexico City in 1905, Covarubbias journeyed to New York City at ageContinue reading “Covarubbias, more than a Caricaturist.”

Rocha Channels Posada. Dos Maestros de Caricatura

Jose Guadalupe Posada and Catrina by Rocha Jose Guadalupe Posada died 100 years ago. He is best known for his skeleton images such as Catrina. A working illustrator for Mexico City’s penny papers, Posada may not have thought of himself as an artist. Only after his death was he lionized by the great Mexican artistsContinue reading “Rocha Channels Posada. Dos Maestros de Caricatura”