Jerry Pinkney: Class Act at KU

In 1992, nearly 20 years ago, Prof. Elaine Cunfer and I went to Philadelphia to hear Jerry Pinkney speak. Mr. Pinkney was being given a lifetime achievement award by Drexel University. If he had been struck by lightning, or hit by a bus that day in Philadelphia his place in the pantheon of great children’sContinue reading “Jerry Pinkney: Class Act at KU”

Beth Krommes: Caldecott Winner Visits KU

Beth Krommes was born and raised just over the hill in Emmaus, PA. She recalls applying to study art at Kutztown State College. Her portfolio was accepted, but she chose to go to Syracuse University, in part, because it was further from home and she longed to travel. After her undergrad painting degree there, sheContinue reading “Beth Krommes: Caldecott Winner Visits KU”

Who lives in a Pineapple under the Sea? –Who draws him?

What’s SpongeBob Really Like? is the most visited page on this blog. KU grad Amanda Geisinger, web designer of’s SpongeBob site, told us she can fiddle with SpongeBob art, but only a few select artists are actually permitted to draw SpongeBob. Of course, Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of all Bikini Bottom’s characters, is in thatContinue reading “Who lives in a Pineapple under the Sea? –Who draws him?”

Drawing a Shaggy Dog Named Pavlov

Howard Campbell first told me the story of the real dog Pavlov at Zandunga, a restaurant in Oaxaca, Mexico. Pavlov is a bright and fun-loving dog, who learned a lot through positive psychological reinforcement. Pavlov had belonged to his late brother. The photo above shows Pavlov at George Campbell’s grave. Howard asked me to illustrateContinue reading “Drawing a Shaggy Dog Named Pavlov”

Every Picture Tells a Story -The Dornish Collection

Kutztown University Sharadin Gallery Opening Thurs, Oct. 21, 4–6 p.m. Rare treats await visitors to Kutztown University’s Sharadin Gallery this fall. The exhibition features over 75 original works of art created to illustrate children’s books. This is an opportunity to view a wide variety of artistic media, oil, mixed media, watercolor, and a remarkable diversityContinue reading “Every Picture Tells a Story -The Dornish Collection”