Scratchboard: Starting from Scratch

Kylie O’Connor’s Frog Prince is a wonderful example of scrathboard illustration. She began by painting the basic components, – frog, hand, plants – with brush and ink on a prepared clay-coated board. The horizontal lines were added with a micron, an artist’s felt tip pen with pigmented black ink. She used a scratchboard knife, likeContinue reading “Scratchboard: Starting from Scratch”

HANDWERK at Lancaster PA First Friday

I’ve only been to First Friday in Lancaster once, but I am going again on Oct 2. It should be great. Ryan Smoker and Ryan Martin of Infantree are putting together a pop-up show at Passenger Coffee Roasters. The posters are by grads of Kutztown’s Communication Design Dept. I got a preview of some of the work inContinue reading “HANDWERK at Lancaster PA First Friday”

Kathy Sue Does Graffiti in the Alley

Kathy Sue Traylor is the department secretary in the Communication Design Dept at Kutztown U. She doesn’t think of herself as an artist, but she loves to see creativity in bloom. She often pokes her head in the illustration studio to look over students’ shoulders. She always gushes over the artwork our students are creating.Continue reading “Kathy Sue Does Graffiti in the Alley”

Illustration Awards at Kutztown U. 2015

JAMIE BASILE: The Don Breter Memorial Award Jamie Basile won the 2015 Don Breter Award for best illustrator in her class. She is a master of both traditional and digital media. The watercolor, above, clearly shows the influence of Prof. Matthew Daub. One of the all-time outstanding illustrators to graduate from Kutztown U is the great TomContinue reading “Illustration Awards at Kutztown U. 2015”

Kid Lit Stars, near and far, coming to Kutztown

One Keynote Speaker at the 17th annual Kutztown University Children’s Literature Conference is author Mara Rockliff. Mara will walk less than one block from her home on Walnut St. to campus. If you want to hear her talk, don’t knock on her door, come to the conference on April 18. Thanks to Firefly Bookstore, Kutztown’sContinue reading “Kid Lit Stars, near and far, coming to Kutztown”

John K. Landis, Printer

Professor Emeritus John Landis returned to Kutztown University for the dedication of the Landis Press. It’s a rather small press in a very small room, but the event was large. Prof. Vicki Meloney recalled her days studying typography with Prof. Landis at Kutztown in the 1990’s. She saw the first Apple computers arrive on campus. The visionaries ofContinue reading “John K. Landis, Printer”

Oaxaca Sketchbook 2015

The Hostel Don Nino gave us a welcoming reception of flautas, which are like fried enchiladas, guacamole, Oaxacan cheese and aqua de Jamaica. It is not easy to post from my ipad here, but I will share student drawings and post more when we return from our 17-day Oaxaca tour. 13 KU students and Prof.Continue reading “Oaxaca Sketchbook 2015”

Danny Gregory Sketches From Life

“Danny Gregory and his wife, Patti, hadn’t been married long. Their baby, Jack, was ten months old; life was pretty swell. And then Patti fell under a subway train and was paralyzed from the waist down. In a world where nothing seemed to have much meaning, Danny decided to teach himself to draw, and whatContinue reading “Danny Gregory Sketches From Life”

Return of the CD Grads

C.D. stands for Communication Design. I say C.D. so often I forget it is jargon used at Kutztown U, not everywhere. One of our annual events is the David Bullock Return of the CD Grads. This year we have two Renaissance men coming to campus to share their art and design. If you are in KutztownContinue reading “Return of the CD Grads”

Groot in a Box designed by Kelly Weihs

Invest now in Guardians of the Galaxy collectible toys! O.K, I was wrong about Beanie Babies & Longaberger baskets. But I should have trusted my gut and bought a second Pee-Wee Herman Doll in 1985. Kelly Weihs is a 2010 grad from Kutztown University’s Communication Design major with a dual concentrations: graphic design and illustration. She designs the packaging forContinue reading “Groot in a Box designed by Kelly Weihs”