Evan Summer’s China Summer

Popular KU Professor Evan Summer spent a portion of his summer in China at the Guanlan Print Original Industry Base. Seems an “Original Industry Base” is what we in the U.S. might call an “art and business incubator.” The Chinese government has invested millions of yuan building a state of the art printmaking studio inContinue reading “Evan Summer’s China Summer”

Cannonball Press

Friday the 13th was my lucky day. I traveled to Williamsburg, Brooklyn for Cannonball Press’s show, “Born Under a Bad Sign.” Cannonball Press artists Martin Mazorra and Mike Houston were on hand to meet their fans at the opening. 99% Gallery is on the ground floor a repurposed warehouse at 99 North 10th St, nearContinue reading “Cannonball Press”

McCloskey Visits Evil

In recent years the most interesting artists I’ve met have been print-makers. I visited the studios of Mexican masters. Last summer I had the good fortune to study with the amazing Endi Poskovic, when he team-taught at Kutztown. Wanting to become a better woodblock printer, I asked Prof. Evan Summer to recommend the absolute bestContinue reading “McCloskey Visits Evil”