High on the High Line

The Trailing Edge of Digital Photography. This February, Rona Macias spent a week in NYC and shot pictures from the High Line.┬áThe High Line, if you are not familiar with it, is a long and narrow public park built on the site of the┬áhistoric elevated freight train line. It runs North/South two stories above theContinue reading “High on the High Line”

Hate Trolls, Love ELPHS

My next camera will be a Canon ELPH. The wonderful photo above is by Austin-based travel writer Shelley Seale. She captured the colorful street in a small town on Ometepe, a volcanic island in the middle of Lake Nicaragua. Oddly enough, Shelley doesn’t think of herself as a gifted photographer. Do check out her ‘TradingContinue reading “Hate Trolls, Love ELPHS”