Amanda & NICK win an Emmy!!!


SpongeBob© Copyright 1999 Viacom International Inc.
SpongeBob© Copyright 1999 Viacom International Inc.

I hate Facebook posts with multiple exclamation points !!!  It should be up to the reader to decide how excited to become by reading an exclamatory sentence. Yesterday Amanda Geisinger, a Kutztown grad and Interactive Designer at Nickelodeon posted: WE WONNNNNNN AN EMMMMMMMYYYYYYY!!!  OK, OK, I am willing to make an exception for major awards. Amanda has every right to be excited. She helped create the EMMY award-winning NICK App!!!

Nick app screenshot.

Amanda by Amanda
Amanda by Amanda

I last saw Amanda by chance on a Bieber bus to NYC in April. I asked her if she was still working with Spongebob. She told me yes and that she had just begun making her first app. When I heard the NICK App won an Emmy I wrote to ask for details.

Amanda writes: “Yup, this is the app I mentioned, ha! Our team is pretty big; the design team has about 20 members, and Nick Digital {which includes departments like ad sales, digital marketing, content and programming, engineering, product development, production, etc.} is maybe 130-ish in total. My team that started on the initial style guide {which has evolved dramatically} was pretty small, but the endeavor was so large that pretty much everyone has participated in the development in a significant and meaningful way. A lot of us are still involved in the daily content updates. We also enlisted the help of an outside vendor, Fantasy Interactive.”


So Nickelodeon Digital’s EMMY is for: Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media – User Experience And Visual Design. I thought EMMY awards were only for TV shows. This is the first year Emmy jurors are celebrating not just traditionally formatted content, but cutting edge “next generation” content such as apps. The EMMY site notes the Nick App goes “beyond a typical app that offers free video viewing and instead offers more interactive content, games, and video — whenever and wherever the user wants it. ”

Special Offer for readers of the illustration concentration blog: the Nick App is available FREE, Here!!! I’m kidding about the special part, the app is free everywhere. In fact, the NICK app has been ranked #1 free entertainment app for the Ipad. It is also available for Iphone, Windows 8 and X-box. Congrats, Amanda.

"Be a Rainbow" detail © Amanda Geisinger
“Be a Rainbow” detail © Amanda Geisinger

Above is a sample of Amanda’s happy illustration style. To see more of her work visit:

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