Daniel McCloskey, Smiling Artist Missing Teeth.

From a Screenshot at Noon, Dec.2
From a Screenshot at Noon, Dec.2

UPDATE: Dan’s Kickstarter got funded. Thanks. Julie Sokolow wrote a fine article at MichaelMoore.com that really helped.

Full disclosure: That’s my boy! Daniel McCloskey is a cartoonist and founder of Pittsburgh’s Cyberpunk Apocalypse Writer’s Project. On Oct 22, Dan was riding his bike when his front wheel fell into a deep, narrow pothole. Dan flew over the handle bars. He did a face plant on the black asphalt of River Ave, part of Pittsburgh’s Three River Heritage Trail.

Oddly enough, the hero of Top of the Line also has missing teeth.
Oddly enough, the hero of Top of the Line also has missing teeth.

A Good Samaritan, a kayaker named Beth, called an ambulance and stayed by his side. Dan’s chin was split open in two flaps, but surgeons at Allegheny Hospital sewed it back together nicely. He still has a wire brace keeping his remaining front tooth in place.

From Top of the Line © Daniel McCloskey
Recently Dan has been drawing monsters for his new comic book series, Top of The Line. He is going through with his launch of the project via Kickstarter. Here is the link.

Bonus books contributed by Pittsburgh's  Small Press Community.
Bonus books contributed by Pittsburgh’s Small Press Community.

Cyberpunk Apocalypse Drawathon

Pittsburgh’s arts and comics community is supporting Dan in his hour of need. On Nov. 20 Dan is kickstarting his Kickstarter with a Draw-a-thon. Dan promises to draw live for 24 hours, streaming at danielmccloskey.com. There will be guest comics artists like Jason Lex, Nate McDonough author of Grixly and Nils Skeletonballs dropping in throughout the day to give out bonus rewards. Award -winning poet Tameka Cage Conley  will be there. Thomas Scioli will have a special signed edition of Final Frontier. Artnoose and Brett Kashmere are contributing projects, too.


All or Nothing
If you have never supported a Kickstarter project, you will need to sign up. As Kickstarter’s site explains it: If the project reaches its funding goal, then backers are charged. If the project falls short, then no one is charged. Funding on Kickstarter is all-or-nothing.

 Top of the Line © Daniel McCloskey
Top of the Line © Daniel McCloskey

Dan’s fund totals are up since I grabbed the picture above, for the latest check here. If you’d like to read Top of the Line, FREE! online, start here. Watch out for monsters and monster potholes!

Daniel McCloskey, photo © by Sarah La Ponte
Daniel McCloskey, photo © by Sarah LaPonte  sarahlaponte.com

Daniel is among the millions of uninsured Americans. He has a big hospital bill on his hands, but Allegheny Hospital is helping him with the costs. He might get it down to a few thousand dollars. He noted, “It is, however, pretty awesome to live in a world where a motorized vehicle can take you to nearby professionals who have the ability and equipment to relieve your pain, painstakingly sew your face together for 3 hours, and save what teeth can be saved.”

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