Groot in a Box designed by Kelly Weihs

Groot and Rocket, out of the box.
Groot and Rocket, out of the box.

Invest now in Guardians of the Galaxy collectible toys! O.K, I was wrong about Beanie Babies & Longaberger baskets. But I should have trusted my gut and bought a second Pee-Wee Herman Doll in 1985.

10525946_807600575950868_4731335839473129566_nKelly Weihs is a 2010 grad from Kutztown University’s Communication Design major with a dual concentrations: graphic design and illustration. She designs the packaging for Diamond Select Toys, including the new Guardian of the Galaxy figures.

Grax, Rocket Racoon and Groot from Diamond Select Toys.
Grax, Rocket Racoon and Groot from Diamond Select Toys. Whole cast above.
Keely gets paid to play with this stuff.
Kelly Weihs gets paid to play with this stuff.

She and one other graphic designer do all the packaging there. I asked her how she came to have such a cool job….

Kelly: “My internship at Crayola is probably what made me seem appealing to my current employer. I have learned a great deal about packaging since my internship! I didn’t expect to end up at a job doing package design. Diamond is a small toy company in Maryland, part of a larger comic book distributing empire. 80% of the time I make packages for collectibles and toys. Since I’ve been here, the licenses have changed some and we’ve gotten some more popular things within the last year. Lately, I have gotten to make Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and My Little Pony packages and related things – and those are quite popular.”

10313481_772474246130168_5039475249172596406_nWhat are you working on?

Kelly: “We have a line of small 2-inch toys called Minimates – characters from films, comic books and even our in-house characters. Last year was their 10 year anniversary. We did Guardians of the Galaxy as Minimates. Since we make products so far in advance sometimes I lose track of time and think the movie has already been released.

What are your favorite projects?

Kelly: “My favorites are probably the ones that are Marvel-film related. Iron Man, Thor and Avengers characters have been fun because I enjoy the movies and they’re neat to see in action figure form.”


How much time do you get to work on a project?

“The time I have to work on projects varies. We have factory deadlines to keep up with and licensor approvals so things must get done in a timely fashion.”

Pulp Fiction is not for Children under 3, -Choking Hazard.
Note re: Pulp Fiction – Not for Children under 3 – Choking Hazard.

“Besides Marvel, I design packages for Disney, Star Trek, Star Wars, Universal Monsters, The Walking Dead comics, Batman, Kevin Smith properties, Mass Effect games, Miramax films like Pulp Fiction and other things I am probably forgetting.”

Sin City packaging by Kelly Weihs.
Sin City packaging by Kelly Weihs.

“We’ve been branching out at work into new products besides action figures and toys – we even make silicone ice cube trays and bottle openers featuring your favorite characters.”

When Kelly is not sitting at a computer she likes to time travel by reenacting history at the actual historic sites. This summer she was at Monocacy Battlefield, Maryland, on the side of the Union Army.

Kelly and her beau Kyle are civil war reenactors, here at the 150th anniversary of Monocacy. Photo my Mel Sessa.
Kelly & her beau Kyle at 150th anniversary of Battle of Monocacy. Photo by Mel Sessa.

More of Kelly’s design and illustration work can be seen on her Behance site here. Diamond Toys has a blog worth visiting if you are a collector.

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