Ashley, How did you get that great job?

I asked Ashley McDevitt, a 2011 grad, how she got her dream job so fast in today’s tough market? OK, so it all started when I went to the Portfolio Review. I heard from Prof. Bosler and Prof. Cunfer about a few of the people coming that I should pay attention to, one of themContinue reading “Ashley, How did you get that great job?”

Get Creative: Try a Cool-Off!

It might sound like a refreshing summer drink, but a Cool-Off  is summertime institution at the Cyberpunk Apocalypse in Pittsburgh. This is something you and your illustrator artists friends might try. You know how you get more artwork done when you have a real publication date? The Cool-Off acts as a pre-publication debut, a chanceContinue reading “Get Creative: Try a Cool-Off!”

Opportunities Knock.

Mara Rockliff, is a talented and prolific children’s book author who lives here in Kutztown, PA. She sent me a note to share with illustration students about a scholarship opportunity from SCBWI. That is the Society of Childrens Book Writers and Illustrators. They have grants for students to attend their NYC or L.A. conferences. DetailsContinue reading “Opportunities Knock.”

Beth Krommes: Caldecott Winner Visits KU

Beth Krommes was born and raised just over the hill in Emmaus, PA. She recalls applying to study art at Kutztown State College. Her portfolio was accepted, but she chose to go to Syracuse University, in part, because it was further from home and she longed to travel. After her undergrad painting degree there, sheContinue reading “Beth Krommes: Caldecott Winner Visits KU”

Shannon Collins’ Critters

Shannon Collins stopped by the blog and dropped us a line. She won the Kutztown Senior illustration award when she graduated in 2006. She is now the editor at Bucks & Montgomery Living Magazine. The word ‘Living’ in the title means it covers everything but zombies in those two Pennsylvania counties. Shannon wrote an interestingContinue reading “Shannon Collins’ Critters”

Ross Moody: Clever Pays

Ross Moody was on campus the other day. He is an inventive guy. He does small-run limited edition cards and posters, and what we call printed ephemera. He told me his series of Valentine’s Day cards were a big hit. I asked him about his studio and why it is called 55 Hi’s. “Well,… I thoughtContinue reading “Ross Moody: Clever Pays”

Scotty Beams Up: Scotty Reifsnyder is a site worth a visit, 2001 KU alum Scott Reifsnyder’s personal illustration and design web site. Still more mind-boggling is another site he worked at, Headcase Design. This was his day job, at Dr. Kepple’s laboratory, where Scotty assisted in the “treatment a broad range of design disorders.” Scotty is a good friend. AfterContinue reading “Scotty Beams Up: Scotty Reifsnyder”

Picking an Art School, part 2: The Best State School for Art

James McMullan said the search for an illustration style is a very personal thing, like deciding if you prefer to wear silk or cotton. Same goes for picking an art school; you need to know yourself. “Art School,” or  “University” with a good art program? It is a very personal thing. A big city artContinue reading “Picking an Art School, part 2: The Best State School for Art”

Picking an Art School

Some of this may relate to other art and design majors, but I’m focusing on illustration. I often talk with talented high school students considering studying art at college. My advice should be taken with a grain of salt. It took me 17 years to get my bachelor’s degree. During those wonder years I studied atContinue reading “Picking an Art School”

Illustration Confidential

It is always worse somewhere. The NY Times reported on China’s “vast army of college graduates seeking professional jobs.” Gordon Chang tells the sad story of 1,100 Chinese college grads applying for 8 jobs shoveling human waste, or “night soil.” Sometimes it seems like the prospects for illustrators are just a bleak. Years ago, Prof. Cunfer andContinue reading “Illustration Confidential”