Schooled: Chris Ware’s New Yorker Covers

Chris Ware illustrated September’s back-to-school New Yorker cover with a scene of parents turning their backs on their children, immersed in their own digital devices. This week he did another cover that brilliantly reflects how the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings changed the dynamic between parents and children. On this 2013 cover our point ofContinue reading “Schooled: Chris Ware’s New Yorker Covers”

Ethan Ross On Broadway.

I know the purpose of higher education is not job-training. Still, I must admit there is nothing that warms this professor’s heart more than getting an email with the subject line:  Hey Prof, I GOT A JOB! Ethan Ross wrote to say, ” I have been working full-time as a Junior Designer at aka NYC. I interned hereContinue reading “Ethan Ross On Broadway.”

funny things art spiegelman said about the funnies

“I’ve been called the father of the graphic novel, but I demand a paternity test!” -art spiegelman. I caught art spiegelman’s “What the %@&*! Happened to Comics?” at Lehigh University. One of the most influential artists of our time, I knew him before he won the Pulitzer for his graphic novel, Maus. Even though we areContinue reading “funny things art spiegelman said about the funnies”

WILCO buys Brian Shaw’s Art for Gig Poster

Brian Shaw graduated a few weeks ago, winner of the 2012 Don Breter Memorial Award for most improved illustration student. He drew a series of gig posters for his senior illustration class. He asked me how he might get them in front of the eyes of Wilco, one of his favorite bands. I didn’t know,Continue reading “WILCO buys Brian Shaw’s Art for Gig Poster”

An Illustrator’s Mind Explored

Loni Sue Johnson is an an illustrator who has had enormous success. Her whimsical watercolor illustrations graced the pages of the NY Times and six memorable New Yorker covers. Then one day in 2007 she fell ill with viral encephalitis, a rare condition, sometimes carried by mosquitos and ticks. She survived the virus, but largeContinue reading “An Illustrator’s Mind Explored”

He’s Got a Million of them –7 Great Designs by Greg Christman

Greg Christman is one of the most prolific illustrator/designers to come out of Kutztown’s C.D. Dept. His work is frequently seen on the hippest design blogs. He was recently featured in a spread in a new French design publication called the Book of Creation. I asked Greg to explain a few of his inventive imagesContinue reading “He’s Got a Million of them –7 Great Designs by Greg Christman”

Bootie Pirates in the News

Chair Karen Kresge let the faculty know, “I just found out that KUCD alum Randi Meredith had her Booty Pirate snowboard featured in the new book, Inside the World of Board Graphics: Skate, Surf, Snow. The book is by Robynne Raye and Michael Strassburger, the founding partners of Seattle’s Modern Dog Design. Randi Meredith isContinue reading “Bootie Pirates in the News”

Hand Drawn Map Maker Comes to KU looking for Maps

Kris Harzinski of the Hand Drawn Map Society will be coming to Kutztown University, Weds. Sept 28, Sharadin 120, 7:30 pm. Event is Free, open to the public & sponsored by our AIGA, American Institute of Graphic Arts chapter. Kris is a Philly-based designer and illustrator. In 2008 he founded the Hand Drawn Map Association,Continue reading “Hand Drawn Map Maker Comes to KU looking for Maps”

artnoose & her Underground Press

In the “letterpress/zine” circle artnoose is a superstar. Admittedly, this is a smallish orbit, but lately interest in zines and letterpress is exploding. I ran into her the other day when she was printing in the damp basement of the Cyberpunk Apocalypse. Cyberpunk Apocalypse is a two-house writer’s colony in Pittsburgh. It is where myContinue reading “artnoose & her Underground Press”

Ross Moody: Clever Pays

Ross Moody was on campus the other day. He is an inventive guy. He does small-run limited edition cards and posters, and what we call printed ephemera. He told me his series of Valentine’s Day cards were a big hit. I asked him about his studio and why it is called 55 Hi’s. “Well,… I thoughtContinue reading “Ross Moody: Clever Pays”