He’s Got a Million of them –7 Great Designs by Greg Christman

Greg Christman is one of the most prolific illustrator/designers to come out of Kutztown’s C.D. Dept. His work is frequently seen on the hippest design blogs. He was recently featured in a spread in a new French design publication called the Book of Creation. I asked Greg to explain a few of his inventive images the French liked so much.

Greg: Did this when I was working at Gyro. Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction was looking for some artist shirts. I made this. It’s just a fun type experiment.

I love cats.  Andy O’ Dore (also a KU CD grad) and I created/run a cat website (which has really blown up this year )… so you know I’m always making dumb cat things. This is exactly that… a dumb cat thing.

Love Harry Potter. No other explanation for this. This got reblogged thousands of times which was really, really amazing for me.

4-color screenprint for Slingshot Dakotas vinyl release of their record. Tom from Bird Apartment Printing screened this. He is also in the band. He is a talented screenprinter. I do a lot of work for him and his band. Excited that I’m doing their up and coming record on their new label.

Wonder Years? Band contacted me to do a t-shirt. Went through a few rounds and this one got made. Really happy with it.

Paint it Black poster: 2 -color screen printed poster for a show in DC.  Contacted by the band to do it. Got a great response and sold a ton.

Asked about his career path, Greg responds: “Oh ___! Day job. I worked a crazy ad job for a few years. You know… 8am – 8pm, while still having work to do at home. It wore me out… so I quit. It was great for experience and I highly recommend anyone getting out of school to do the same… but MOVE ON. It’s what I did. I took a job that was far less stressful. It is fulfilling, allows me to do my own work, as well as spend time with my kid and wife. You have to have that balance. Design and illustration is fun and all, but life is way better and that ultimately makes you a better designer.”

All images © Greg Christman. We leave you with a photo of Greg and his son, Oliver. Greg is the mature one on the left. 

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