Bootie Pirates in the News

Chair Karen Kresge let the faculty know, “I just found out that KUCD alum Randi Meredith had her Booty Pirate snowboard featured in the new book, Inside the World of Board Graphics: Skate, Surf, Snow.

The book is by Robynne Raye and Michael Strassburger, the founding partners of Seattle’s Modern Dog Design. Randi Meredith is a talented designer and illustrator. She is also a world traveler. She was a participant in one of the last of the CD Dept.’s sketchbook courses in Mexico. Then last year, she and her boyfriend took a seven-week trip around the world. She blogged about her global adventures here. Below is an image of her booty pirates which were a big hit at the senior show when she graduated in 2010. She was the winner of KU’s Karen Anderson award. We knew she’d go far. Check out her website.

Booty Pirates © 2010 Randi Meredith

The Boston-based running shoe company, Reebok, was at KU last week to recruit talented C.D. students for their internships and apprentice programs. Randi was a participant in the Reebok program and did some interesting stuff for the company like the batik-inspired women’s T-shirts below.

© Reebok 2010, Women’s Organic Line, designed by Randi Meredith.

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