TWO Star Illustrators Return

Poster by Kim Beyer. KU CD, class of 2012

Kevin Cornell and Matt Twombly will present their artwork at “The David Bullock Return of the CD Grads,” Thursday October 20, from 1 until 3pm.  Location: Kutztown’s McFarland SUB, Alumni Auditorium. These are two very successful guys who do very different sorts of illustration. Some samples are posted here, but you should really check out their websites, by clicking on their names above.

Sketch by Kevin Cornell © 2010

Why is it called the David Bullock Return of the CD Grads? Professor Emeritus David Bullock was a founder of the CD dept and the longtime chair, so the event is named in his honor. Among his many contributions to the CD curriculum, Prof. Bullock developed the History of Graphic Design class. Prof. Elaine Cunfer works hard to put this popular annual event together, and this year the focus is on illustrators.

Comic page 2010 Matt Twombly

All C.D. student are expected to be there, but there will be extra seats and the public is welcome.  For C.D. students with class conflicts, this is like a field trip. KU CD faculty will ask faculty across campus to allow you to make up lost classwork. There will be pizza and drinks available prior to the event at 12:30. Prof. Cunfer has thought of everything.

Giraffellow, © 2007 Kevin Cornell

Kevin Cornell’s brilliant, entertaining, and award-winning web site, gets several thousand hits some days. The artwork above was plucked from his massive gallery. Kevin has illustrated several books including The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Matt Twombly’s web site, is brand new and it showcases his illustration, comics and graphic design projects.

Life after KU and Weis Markets:

From series, "How to Get Fired from Weis Markets" © 2009 Matt Twombly

We often do a project in illustration classes, a staple of illustration programs everywhere, the old “How To… instructional illustration.’ We see a lot of “How to use Chop Sticks, Check your Oil, How to Back Up your Hard Drive.” Matt Twombly worked at the local supermarket while he attended Kutztown. I recall seeing him restocking yogurt in the dairy aisle. I guess he didn’t like it  much. He did a wild series of illustrations on “How to get Fired from Weis Markets.” He now works as a designer for Science, a Washington, D.C. based publication, and he loves his job. He gets to do a new illustration for Science nearly every week.

The illustration Concentration blog has written about both of these talented individuals before. If you missed those entries read more about Kevin here, and Matt here.

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