Philadelphia Union: A Dream Internship

There are dream internships. Sometimes students get jealous of their classmates’ amazing internships. We’ve written here about Matt Twombly interning at Marvel and Amanda Geisinger at Nickelodeon. As Amanda said, “Go for your dream internship. It worked for me! It can happen, because they don’t have to pay you. Try to work for free after youContinue reading “Philadelphia Union: A Dream Internship”

Picking an Art School, part 2: The Best State School for Art

James McMullan said the search for an illustration style is a very personal thing, like deciding if you prefer to wear silk or cotton. Same goes for picking an art school; you need to know yourself. “Art School,” or  “University” with a good art program? It is a very personal thing. A big city artContinue reading “Picking an Art School, part 2: The Best State School for Art”

James Pannafino’s Typographic Comics: Anti-illustration?

James Pannafino teaches graphic and interactive design at Millersville University of PA. I recall having James in my illustration class at Kutztown and he has a quirky sense of humor, – so I wasn’t sure if he was kidding about his next big idea:Typographic Comics. He must be serious, he’s lectured at Harvard! Looking at theContinue reading “James Pannafino’s Typographic Comics: Anti-illustration?”