Return of CD Grads

We had a full house, an audience of 177, for the David Bulluck Return of the CD Grads. Prof. Elaine Cunfer deserves a lot of credit; she did a great job organizing the event. Both speakers shared their passion for illustration. Matt Twombly talked about his internship at Marvel Comics. A highlight of that experienceContinue reading “Return of CD Grads”

TWO Star Illustrators Return

Kevin Cornell and Matt Twombly will present their artwork at “The David Bullock Return of the CD Grads,” Thursday October 20, from 1 until 3pm.  Location: Kutztown’s McFarland SUB, Alumni Auditorium. These are two very successful guys who do very different sorts of illustration. Some samples are posted here, but you should really check outContinue reading “TWO Star Illustrators Return”


Update: The Awesome Happening announced below already happened. It was a sunny morning in Kutztown. St. John’s PreSchoolers,  Kutztown Elementary students, and lots of KU students joined Dallas Clayton for a morning frolic on the lawn. Dallas was a hit. He gave away, by my count, something like 180 of his Awesome books! We didn’tContinue reading “AWESOME Happening @ KUTZTOWN”

Ashley, How did you get that great job?

I asked Ashley McDevitt, a 2011 grad, how she got her dream job so fast in today’s tough market? OK, so it all started when I went to the Portfolio Review. I heard from Prof. Bosler and Prof. Cunfer about a few of the people coming that I should pay attention to, one of themContinue reading “Ashley, How did you get that great job?”

Jan de Vos: In the flesh.

Update: July 25, 2011, Jan de Vos died yesterday morning in Mexico City. Below is my sketch from last month in Chiapas, Mexico. We met a holy man in Chiapas. Jan de Vos is 75 years old. He was born and educated in Belgium, He studied philosophy and theology with Prof. Ratzinger, who is nowContinue reading “Jan de Vos: In the flesh.”

Shannon Collins’ Critters

Shannon Collins stopped by the blog and dropped us a line. She won the Kutztown Senior illustration award when she graduated in 2006. She is now the editor at Bucks & Montgomery Living Magazine. The word ‘Living’ in the title means it covers everything but zombies in those two Pennsylvania counties. Shannon wrote an interestingContinue reading “Shannon Collins’ Critters”

Picking an Art School

Some of this may relate to other art and design majors, but I’m focusing on illustration. I often talk with talented high school students considering studying art at college. My advice should be taken with a grain of salt. It took me 17 years to get my bachelor’s degree. During those wonder years I studied atContinue reading “Picking an Art School”

Dig it! Dinosaurs by Kelly Weihs

Kelly Weihs just graduated May 2010, BFA, Communication Design. When I saw her illustration in the Tower, I wrote to ask her how it happened. She wrote back, “I was in professor Dr. Ed Simpson’s Dinosaur class at KU.  I’d sent him dino artwork I had done in one of my illustration classes, and heContinue reading “Dig it! Dinosaurs by Kelly Weihs”

Who lives in a Pineapple under the Sea? –Who draws him?

What’s SpongeBob Really Like? is the most visited page on this blog. KU grad Amanda Geisinger, web designer of’s SpongeBob site, told us she can fiddle with SpongeBob art, but only a few select artists are actually permitted to draw SpongeBob. Of course, Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of all Bikini Bottom’s characters, is in thatContinue reading “Who lives in a Pineapple under the Sea? –Who draws him?”

Drawing a Shaggy Dog Named Pavlov

Howard Campbell first told me the story of the real dog Pavlov at Zandunga, a restaurant in Oaxaca, Mexico. Pavlov is a bright and fun-loving dog, who learned a lot through positive psychological reinforcement. Pavlov had belonged to his late brother. The photo above shows Pavlov at George Campbell’s grave. Howard asked me to illustrateContinue reading “Drawing a Shaggy Dog Named Pavlov”