What Slowdown? Renee French rocks on!

If only I had diversified my retirement portfolio and bought 100 copies of Marbles in My Underpants by Renee French in 2001. Today scarce copies sell for $100 or more. I’ve never met Renee French (Kutztown ’86, BFA, Fine Arts, Drawing). I’ve learned her fans are passionate about her work, and her graphic novels andContinue reading “What Slowdown? Renee French rocks on!”

Artist Stops Googling and Finds Meaning

James Sturm is halfway through his summer without the internet. Oddly enough, he is writing an illustrated journal about the experience for the online magazine, Slate. You can find his work in their offline section. Anyone interested in graphic novels should know James Sturm. He is an award-winning graphic novelist and a founder of theContinue reading “Artist Stops Googling and Finds Meaning”

Peter Kuper at Kutztown

Peter Kuper came to Kutztown at the end of spring semester and gave a well-received Powerpoint lecture on political art. Kuper is a graphic novelist and illustrator whose work has appeared in Time, Newsweek, The NY Times, and Mad Magazine. A number of KU students, including Nick Eck, told Kuper they were fans of hisContinue reading “Peter Kuper at Kutztown”