funny things art spiegelman said about the funnies

“I’ve been called the father of the graphic novel, but I demand a paternity test!” -art spiegelman. I caught art spiegelman’s “What the %@&*! Happened to Comics?” at Lehigh University. One of the most influential artists of our time, I knew him before he won the Pulitzer for his graphic novel, Maus. Even though we areContinue reading “funny things art spiegelman said about the funnies”

Nate’s New Graphic Novel is Free, but You Can Buy It!

Pittsburgh cartoonist Nate McDonough’s graphic novel Don’t Come Back is quite interesting. It is nightmarish and convoluted in a good way. There are falling angels, dogs peeing in a cemetery, and one screaming chicken demon in the pizza box. There is death and resurrection. Don’t worry about me spoiling the ending. I’m not sure IContinue reading “Nate’s New Graphic Novel is Free, but You Can Buy It!”

5 questions about illustration for Matt Phelan

Matt Phelan is coming to Kutztown this weekend for the 2012 Children’s Literature Conference. Even if you can’t make the conference you might go to the KU bookstore to pick up his books at a discount. He is a prolific and popular illustrator. He writes as well. A piece of Matt’s original artwork from hisContinue reading “5 questions about illustration for Matt Phelan”

Chip Kidd Plays Covers

“Majoring in Art at the state university appealed to me because I have always hated Art, and I had a hunch if any school would treat the subject with the proper disdain it would be one run by the government. Of course I was right.”      – Chip Kidd, The Cheese Monkeys: A Novel inContinue reading “Chip Kidd Plays Covers”

Lewis and Clark and Houdini

I loved the graphic novel Houdini, The Handcuff King written by Jason Lutes, drawn by Nick Bertozzi. My only criticism: I wanted the story to go on longer! I was thankful for the introduction and the fascinating and detailed end notes. The added text helped flesh out the historical and social context of Houdini’s enduringContinue reading “Lewis and Clark and Houdini”

Pittsburgh Comics

Pittsburgh has a lively comics scene. It is home to the Toonseum, one of only three museums in the US dedicated to the cartoon arts. The great comics store Copacetic Comics is still in Pittsburgh, now on Polish Hill. Visit Copacetic and you’ll find  an outstanding collection of alternative comics. Bill Boichel, the owner, reminds meContinue reading “Pittsburgh Comics”

Illustration Confidential

It is always worse somewhere. The NY Times reported on China’s “vast army of college graduates seeking professional jobs.” Gordon Chang tells the sad story of 1,100 Chinese college grads applying for 8 jobs shoveling human waste, or “night soil.” Sometimes it seems like the prospects for illustrators are just a bleak. Years ago, Prof. Cunfer andContinue reading “Illustration Confidential”

Renee French Illustrator Update Updated Even Further

Update 1/7/11:  NYC Exhibition Extended through Jan 22, 2011. See gallery link for more info: Adam Baumgold Gallery. We’ve had over 3,200 visitors to this blog in its first five months. Thanks to the way WordPress works I’m able to see which search terms people used to get here. “Renee French, Illustrator.” is one ofContinue reading “Renee French Illustrator Update Updated Even Further”

Sutter & Cornell, The SUPEREST

Click Here for Info on “The Lively Art in Picture Books” at KU’s Sharadin Gallery, Oct 21-Nov 21. New Books by Successful KU Artists: The Superest is a book based on a drawing game of dueling superheroes by KU grads Kevin Cornell and Matthew Sutter. The rules of Superest are : a) Player 1 drawsContinue reading “Sutter & Cornell, The SUPEREST”

Speakin’a’ Brooklyn – Martin Lemelman Update

Martin Lemelman stopped by Kutztown to share his new book, Two Cents Plain: My Brooklyn Boyhood. His graphic memoir published by Bloomsbury, is finally available in bookstores and at Amazon. Like any new parent Martin wants this book to start life on the right foot. He talked about the tremendous amount of follow-through an artist orContinue reading “Speakin’a’ Brooklyn – Martin Lemelman Update”