Renee French Illustrator Update Updated Even Further

Update 1/7/11:  NYC Exhibition Extended through Jan 22, 2011. See gallery link for more info: Adam Baumgold Gallery. We’ve had over 3,200 visitors to this blog in its first five months. Thanks to the way WordPress works I’m able to see which search terms people used to get here. “Renee French, Illustrator.” is one ofContinue reading “Renee French Illustrator Update Updated Even Further”

What’s SpongeBob Really Like?

“He is much more multidimensional than I expected!” Amanda Geisinger knows SpongeBob better than most of us. She designs the Official SpongeBob website. Amanda’s job title is “Web Designer” at Nickelodeon’s “” She stopped by the Communication Design Dept. last week on a rainy Friday. Originally from Stowe, PA, she graduated from KU in 2008 and gaveContinue reading “What’s SpongeBob Really Like?”