ALPHA: Abidjan to Paris, -a graphic novel

The landscape of graphic novels is as vast as the Sahara. ALPHA follows an African refugee on a tortuous journey across that very desert. The story is by Bessora, a French author of African and European ancestry. French illustrator Barroux’s  lush ink wash drawings bring an immediacy to the journey. Alpha, a carpenter, is compelled toContinue reading “ALPHA: Abidjan to Paris, -a graphic novel”

What’s SpongeBob Really Like?

“He is much more multidimensional than I expected!” Amanda Geisinger knows SpongeBob better than most of us. She designs the Official SpongeBob website. Amanda’s job title is “Web Designer” at Nickelodeon’s “” She stopped by the Communication Design Dept. last week on a rainy Friday. Originally from Stowe, PA, she graduated from KU in 2008 and gaveContinue reading “What’s SpongeBob Really Like?”