Kutztown’s Unofficial Thursday Night Dress Code.

I live on Main St. in Kutztown. The proximity to the college is a mixed blessing. I love walking to work, but sometimes it does get a bit crazy. Once I awoke to hear a young lady shrieking, “Somebody, Call the Police!” So I called 911. Minutes later, the cops arrived and that same drunken voice screamed, “What (cusswords deleted) called the police?”

On Main Street one can’t help but notice a big change in fashion for this year’s students. Female freshman are wearing extremely short black dresses. Very, very short. Even my wife noticed. At first, I attributed this fashion statement to global warming, but the bare legs are still evident even on cold November nights. The girls sometimes wear huge boots called Uggs, or more often, black high heels of the sort made famous by Jessica Rabbit. These young ladies seem to be shopping at Fredericks of Hollywood, or the Berkshire Mall.

Meanwhile, guys apparently scavenge their wardrobes from the lost and found box at a public pool. They wear plastic sandals over socks. There is some variety of trousers, including nylon clam diggers that resemble 1950’s basketball shorts. Other guys wear distressed sweat pants. Still others go out in flannel cartoon-print pajama pants.  Guys generally wear hooded sweatshirts plus ball caps. The hoodies are marked Hollister or A.F. I admit some sense of relief that they are not wearing the Kutztown University logo.

This really doesn’t have much to do with illustration, so I did the cartoon sketch above as an excuse to blog about clothes. Watch for our Spring Kutztown fashion update.

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