HIV/AIDS Poster by Sadbi Aziri of Macedonia


December 1 is World AIDS Day. I knew AIDS before it had a name. In the 1980’s I lived in San Francisco in a household that included gay men. It was a time of palpable fear. Years later, when the scourge had a name, I lost a dear friend, a gifted photographer, Daniel Cohen, to AIDS. Today it seems the fear of AIDS has abated, but we must not become complacent.

Woodcut illustration poster by Matt Fink, KU CD

Kutztown Communication Design students have turned their talent and attention to this difficult subject. Four Kutztown CD students are honored as finalists in the 2011 Skopje International poster competition. Skopje, Macedonia is in Eastern Europe. Macedonia is an ancient country, but for much of the 20th century it was part of communist Yugoslavia. It reformed as an independent republic in 1991.

One of 3 Skopje HIV entries by Casey Glidden © 2011 Casey Glidden, KU CD

The Skopje exhibition organizers hope to “inspire and provoke students to create and communicate a more truthful, inclusive perception of HIV/AIDS.” They also want to “promote prevention and compassion and as well to recognize and renounce stereotypes.”

Poster illustrated in scratchboard ©2011 Wyatt Glennon, KU CD

Over 2000 posters were submitted from 38 countries. There are 50 finalists worldwide. Only 4 are from the U.S.A. and all 4 of the U.S. finalists are from Kutztown University. They are Casey Glidden, Matt Fink, Daniel Gaingiulio, and Wyatt Glennon. The winners and honorees will be announced on World AIDS Day, Dec. 1st, in Skopje and posted on the exhibition website. 12/2/11 Update on Award-Winners: Anna Klamczynska and Jan Bajtlik of Poland won First Prize. Morteza Farahnak of Iran won Second Prize. Christoph Buettner of Germany won Third Prize. Congrats to the winners. The Kutztown University students are to be commended for reaching the finals.

A second Skopje selection by Matt Fink

One-Day Kutztown Exhibition: 12/1/11

KU Allies is sponsoring AIDS Day events in the SUB Multipurpose Room from 3  to 10 p.m.  CD student Arren Dawinan has organized an exhibition of  many of the posters entered in the Skopje HIV/AIDS competition. The Graphic Design 1 teachers who worked with these students include Profs Elaine Cunfer, Kate Clair, and Vicki Meloney.

Poster © 2011 Daniel Giangiulio, KU CD

The Skopje HIV/AIDS Poster Exhibition will also travel in 2012 to Warsaw, Poland and Istanbul, Turkey. These Kutztown University students are getting a lot of of international exposure. They deserve it.

Another strong design by Casey Glidden chosen for the Skopje Exhibition.

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