Illustration Confidential

It is always worse somewhere. The NY Times reported on China’s “vast army of college graduates seeking professional jobs.” Gordon Chang tells the sad story of 1,100 Chinese college grads applying for 8 jobs shoveling human waste, or “night soil.” Sometimes it seems like the prospects for illustrators are just a bleak. Years ago, Prof. Cunfer andContinue reading “Illustration Confidential”

Sutter & Cornell, The SUPEREST

Click Here for Info on “The Lively Art in Picture Books” at KU’s Sharadin Gallery, Oct 21-Nov 21. New Books by Successful KU Artists: The Superest is a book based on a drawing game of dueling superheroes by KU grads Kevin Cornell and Matthew Sutter. The rules of Superest are : a) Player 1 drawsContinue reading “Sutter & Cornell, The SUPEREST”

Lancaster PA First Friday

There was amazing creative energy on the streets of Lancaster’s “First Friday.”  Prof. Karen Kresge and a bunch of KU AIGA students carpooled the 60 miles from Kutztown to Lancaster. There were drum circles on Prince St., open air parking lot aerobics, men in full tuxedos, cops on horseback, buskers of every stripe. The Monty PythonContinue reading “Lancaster PA First Friday”

What Slowdown? Renee French rocks on!

If only I had diversified my retirement portfolio and bought 100 copies of Marbles in My Underpants by Renee French in 2001. Today scarce copies sell for $100 or more. I’ve never met Renee French (Kutztown ’86, BFA, Fine Arts, Drawing). I’ve learned her fans are passionate about her work, and her graphic novels andContinue reading “What Slowdown? Renee French rocks on!”

James Pannafino’s Typographic Comics: Anti-illustration?

James Pannafino teaches graphic and interactive design at Millersville University of PA. I recall having James in my illustration class at Kutztown and he has a quirky sense of humor, – so I wasn’t sure if he was kidding about his next big idea:Typographic Comics. He must be serious, he’s lectured at Harvard! Looking at theContinue reading “James Pannafino’s Typographic Comics: Anti-illustration?”