5 questions about illustration for Matt Phelan

Matt Phelan is coming to Kutztown this weekend for the 2012 Children’s Literature Conference. Even if you can’t make the conference you might go to the KU bookstore to pick up his books at a discount. He is a prolific and popular illustrator. He writes as well. A piece of Matt’s original artwork from hisContinue reading “5 questions about illustration for Matt Phelan”

Chip Kidd Plays Covers

“Majoring in Art at the state university appealed to me because I have always hated Art, and I had a hunch if any school would treat the subject with the proper disdain it would be one run by the government. Of course I was right.”      – Chip Kidd, The Cheese Monkeys: A Novel inContinue reading “Chip Kidd Plays Covers”

Grant Snider, Remarkable Cartoonist, and Future Orthodontist

Grant Snider is a talented young cartoonist. I think his work is brilliant, but you be the judge. He generously gave permission to share a selection of comics. I selected strips that should interest illustrators. More of his art can be seen at Incidental Comics. Grant is studying orthodontics. I find that mind-boggling. We didContinue reading “Grant Snider, Remarkable Cartoonist, and Future Orthodontist”

Hannah and her Comic Book

Hannah Stephey is a sophomore. She just published a remarkable comic book through Lulu.com. Lulu is a print on demand publisher. In other words, when someone orders a book, Lulu prints and ships a bookstore quality book or, for ebooks, sends a pdf file. Hannah’s comic book is called “I (Heart) Captain; A Paper SpaceContinue reading “Hannah and her Comic Book”

NY ComicCon guest blog by Ben Clifford

Ben Clifford, Communication Design student, was good enough write this report of his experience at New York ComiCon 2011. There are only three things you need to know about NYCC if you want to become a comic artist: go to the Industry panels, visit Artist Alley, and take a few copies of your portfolio withContinue reading “NY ComicCon guest blog by Ben Clifford”

TWO Star Illustrators Return

Kevin Cornell and Matt Twombly will present their artwork at “The David Bullock Return of the CD Grads,” Thursday October 20, from 1 until 3pm.  Location: Kutztown’s McFarland SUB, Alumni Auditorium. These are two very successful guys who do very different sorts of illustration. Some samples are posted here, but you should really check outContinue reading “TWO Star Illustrators Return”

Lewis and Clark and Houdini

I loved the graphic novel Houdini, The Handcuff King written by Jason Lutes, drawn by Nick Bertozzi. My only criticism: I wanted the story to go on longer! I was thankful for the introduction and the fascinating and detailed end notes. The added text helped flesh out the historical and social context of Houdini’s enduringContinue reading “Lewis and Clark and Houdini”

Pittsburgh Comics

Pittsburgh has a lively comics scene. It is home to the Toonseum, one of only three museums in the US dedicated to the cartoon arts. The great comics store Copacetic Comics is still in Pittsburgh, now on Polish Hill. Visit Copacetic and you’ll find  an outstanding collection of alternative comics. Bill Boichel, the owner, reminds meContinue reading “Pittsburgh Comics”

BEANO slid under my door

Someone slipped BEANO (not the anti-gas medicine!) the British comic book, under my door. This was just before break, during exam week. I was thrilled and amazed. I hadn’t seen a copy since I was in England in 1995 teaching British Humorous Illustration as part of the KU/UK program. This copy is dated  July 30,Continue reading “BEANO slid under my door”

Illustration Confidential

It is always worse somewhere. The NY Times reported on China’s “vast army of college graduates seeking professional jobs.” Gordon Chang tells the sad story of 1,100 Chinese college grads applying for 8 jobs shoveling human waste, or “night soil.” Sometimes it seems like the prospects for illustrators are just a bleak. Years ago, Prof. Cunfer andContinue reading “Illustration Confidential”