TWO Star Illustrators Return

Kevin Cornell and Matt Twombly will present their artwork at “The David Bullock Return of the CD Grads,” Thursday October 20, from 1 until 3pm.  Location: Kutztown’s McFarland SUB, Alumni Auditorium. These are two very successful guys who do very different sorts of illustration. Some samples are posted here, but you should really check outContinue reading “TWO Star Illustrators Return”

César Chávez: Éxito!

Éxito means success in Spanish. César Chávez has been in the U.S for just about two weeks. He first crossed the border on foot in Arizona. He has already forgiven the policeman there who forced him to kneel on the pavement with his hands up while drug dogs sniffed his backpack. Fortunately, César has sinceContinue reading “César Chávez: Éxito!”

César Chávez in Gringolandia

My friend, César Chávez, a great young Mexican artist, is in Kutztown. He was the master printer for the ASARO collective back in 2006 when Oaxaca’s streets were filled with tear gas and protesters’ blood. After a teachers’ strike got out of control hundreds of thousands of people marched on Oaxaca and took over of theContinue reading “César Chávez in Gringolandia”


Update: The Awesome Happening announced below already happened. It was a sunny morning in Kutztown. St. John’s PreSchoolers,  Kutztown Elementary students, and lots of KU students joined Dallas Clayton for a morning frolic on the lawn. Dallas was a hit. He gave away, by my count, something like 180 of his Awesome books! We didn’tContinue reading “AWESOME Happening @ KUTZTOWN”

Napoleon Digital Illustration

Got a Bamboo Fun Tablet by Wacom ($199) and have been experimenting with drawing and painting in Photoshop CS5. For this portrait of Napoleon, I began with a single reference image, an old print I bought in England over twenty years ago. I was in a used bookshop in Greenwich and found it in aContinue reading “Napoleon Digital Illustration”

KUTZTOWN, Where the Wild Things Are!

Rohrbach Library is having a Maurice Sendak exhibition,”In a Nutshell.” Best known for his 1963 book Where the Wild Things Are, Sendak created over 90 remarkable illustrated books. He is still working and has a new book, Bumble-Ardy, coming out this fall. There are a number of local events associated with the Sendak show. Here is aContinue reading “KUTZTOWN, Where the Wild Things Are!”

John Esh wins Fantasy Art Award

John Esh is an award-winning 2002 BFA grad. Twice he has won top honors at Gen Con. He recalls that it was in Joe Lacey’s Illustration class that he first learned of the Gen Con art show. Gen Con bills itself as,”the original, longest running, best attended, gaming convention in the world.  The Gen Con Art ShowContinue reading “John Esh wins Fantasy Art Award”

Mike Tyson and Vinnie Torre

One of the great things about these WordPress blogs is that the moderator is able to see which search terms visitors are using to reach this page. Lately there has been a big upsurge in searches for “Vinnie Torre”, “Hoboken Museum,” and “pigeons.” I wrote about Vinnie last year in my very first Illustration ConcentrationContinue reading “Mike Tyson and Vinnie Torre”

Shannon Collins’ Critters

Shannon Collins stopped by the blog and dropped us a line. She won the Kutztown Senior illustration award when she graduated in 2006. She is now the editor at Bucks & Montgomery Living Magazine. The word ‘Living’ in the title means it covers everything but zombies in those two Pennsylvania counties. Shannon wrote an interestingContinue reading “Shannon Collins’ Critters”

Brooklyn, Zombies & the News from St. Louis

Martin Lemelman, beloved Kutztown illustration faculty emeritus, shared some good news. He learned that his graphic novel, Two Cents Plain: My Brooklyn Boyhood was chosen by The New York Society Library  as a winner in the 2010-2011 New York City Book Awards. He didn’t even know the book was in the running. Martin was onContinue reading “Brooklyn, Zombies & the News from St. Louis”