Austin Carlson graduated from KU in May, 2012 with a BFA in Communication Design. He won the Don Breter Illustration Award. Lately he has been working at a supermarket near his home in Hanover, PA. That will all change in a few weeks when he flies to Denmark to start his new job as aContinue reading “KUTZTOWN to LEGOLAND”

Russ Spitkovsky: The Pigeon Has Landed

Russ Spitkovsky makes things happen. He came to Kutztown as one of the 9 artists in the 2012 Print Invitational at the Miller Gallery.  The founder of the cutting edge art magazine Carrier Pigeon hung artwork from the latest issue at the Eckhaus Gallery on Main St. He circled back this week as a visiting artistContinue reading “Russ Spitkovsky: The Pigeon Has Landed”

Type faces

Prof. Josh Miller asked his students to create faces from type. Some of the results were quite fine. He’s hung a selection up outside the CD print lab. I asked him if I could share a few of the best here. The class is called Intro to Digital Design II. The exercise is meant to familiarizeContinue reading “Type faces”

St. Patrick & His Miracles & Me

Patrick McCloskey was born in Killycolman, County Donegal, Ireland. He was my grandfather. He immigrated to the US around 1915. His family in Ireland called him “Paddy the Yank.” He celebrated his birthday on St. Patrick’s Day. My middle name is Patrick, after him. There are many Pat McCloskeys. I’ve got a wife named Patt,Continue reading “St. Patrick & His Miracles & Me”

Once and Future Prints

Illustrators rejoice over the resurgence of interest in prints. Some illustrators are also fine printmakers. Some printmakers are illustrators. Above is a print by an artist who manages to live in both worlds, Frances Jetter. We will see her artwork in Kutztown soon. Kutztown University’s Invitational Print Exhibition opens Thurs., Sept. 6. Professor Evan SummerContinue reading “Once and Future Prints”

Experimental Drawing: or How Marshall Arisman Saved My Life in Mexico

This week I taught a 3-day experimental drawing workshop at UABJO, University Benito Juarez, Oaxaca. I love the rainy season here in the mountains of southern Mexico. The workshop was in conjunction with the Kutztown Print exhibit that opened with much fanfare and mescal. Fortunately, I got help from my old Maestro from the SchoolContinue reading “Experimental Drawing: or How Marshall Arisman Saved My Life in Mexico”

KU Print Show travels to Oaxaca, Mexico

Good news from Mexico! Our shipment of 28 prints arrived safely in Oaxaca, Mexico from Kutztown, PA. The self-portraits in a wide variety of media (including woodblock, etching, serigraphy, and lithography) will be exhibited at Benito Juarez University in the month of July. The prints are by Kutztown University faculty, students, alumni, and friends. Sending printsContinue reading “KU Print Show travels to Oaxaca, Mexico”

Invite to Type Book Launch

Kutztown University Prof. Denise Bosler wrote our most popular guest post, Making it as an Illustrator.  She also knows a heck of a lot about typography and wrote the new book, Mastering Type, published by How. How is hosting her webinar, a virtual book launch, for Mastering Type on Tuesday, June 19 at 3pm. It is free,Continue reading “Invite to Type Book Launch”

WILCO buys Brian Shaw’s Art for Gig Poster

Brian Shaw graduated a few weeks ago, winner of the 2012 Don Breter Memorial Award for most improved illustration student. He drew a series of gig posters for his senior illustration class. He asked me how he might get them in front of the eyes of Wilco, one of his favorite bands. I didn’t know,Continue reading “WILCO buys Brian Shaw’s Art for Gig Poster”

Angels & Demons Illustration Project

Angels & Demons is a book and a movie, sequel to the DaVinci Code. The title was inspiration for our final project in Illustration Techniques class. Most of these students are sophomore C.D. majors, not necessarily Illustration majors. This course involves mastering traditional media: pen and ink; scratchboard; watercolor; and for this final project, acrylic paint.Continue reading “Angels & Demons Illustration Project”