WORLD AIDS DAY December 1 is World AIDS Day. I knew AIDS before it had a name. In the 1980’s I lived in San Francisco in a household that included gay men. It was a time of palpable fear. Years later, when the scourge had a name, I lost a dear friend, a gifted photographer,Continue reading “AIDS day ART”

Bootie Pirates in the News

Chair Karen Kresge let the faculty know, “I just found out that KUCD alum Randi Meredith had her Booty Pirate snowboard featured in the new book, Inside the World of Board Graphics: Skate, Surf, Snow. The book is by Robynne Raye and Michael Strassburger, the founding partners of Seattle’s Modern Dog Design. Randi Meredith isContinue reading “Bootie Pirates in the News”

Hand Drawn Map Maker Comes to KU looking for Maps

Kris Harzinski of the Hand Drawn Map Society will be coming to Kutztown University, Weds. Sept 28, Sharadin 120, 7:30 pm. Event is Free, open to the public & sponsored by our AIGA, American Institute of Graphic Arts chapter. Kris is a Philly-based designer and illustrator. In 2008 he founded the Hand Drawn Map Association,Continue reading “Hand Drawn Map Maker Comes to KU looking for Maps”

Lorem ipsum & thoughts on swiping other’s artwork

The New York Times 6th Floor Design blog recently featured artwork by Zoe McCloskey which should be familiar to graphic designers. In the image above Zoe takes individual block printed letters to spell out “Lorem ipsum dolor sit…”  The Times’ Hilary Greenbaum calls it “the most popular sentence in the world that is not meant toContinue reading “Lorem ipsum & thoughts on swiping other’s artwork”

Ashley, How did you get that great job?

I asked Ashley McDevitt, a 2011 grad, how she got her dream job so fast in today’s tough market? OK, so it all started when I went to the Portfolio Review. I heard from Prof. Bosler and Prof. Cunfer about a few of the people coming that I should pay attention to, one of themContinue reading “Ashley, How did you get that great job?”

Something Craig Frazier taught me.

Craig Frazier has a great illustration studio website. Beyond that, he also has a wonderful blog about children’s picture books called 36 pages. I heard him speak at an illustration conference in Philadelphia, PA, around 2003. He is an interesting artist. The art shown at right, lifted from his blog, demonstrates that he is atContinue reading “Something Craig Frazier taught me.”

Get Creative: Try a Cool-Off!

It might sound like a refreshing summer drink, but a Cool-Off  is summertime institution at the Cyberpunk Apocalypse in Pittsburgh. This is something you and your illustrator artists friends might try. You know how you get more artwork done when you have a real publication date? The Cool-Off acts as a pre-publication debut, a chanceContinue reading “Get Creative: Try a Cool-Off!”

artnoose & her Underground Press

In the “letterpress/zine” circle artnoose is a superstar. Admittedly, this is a smallish orbit, but lately interest in zines and letterpress is exploding. I ran into her the other day when she was printing in the damp basement of the Cyberpunk Apocalypse. Cyberpunk Apocalypse is a two-house writer’s colony in Pittsburgh. It is where myContinue reading “artnoose & her Underground Press”