Take a Line for a Walk

“Whereas Picasso, Matisse, even Mondrian and Kandinsky concentrated on abstracting from perceived reality, Klee began with a point, extended it into a line and famously took it for a walk wherever it wished to go.” Bridget Riley from an essay quoted here in the London Times Educational Supplement. Robin Landa, a design professor at KeanContinue reading “Take a Line for a Walk”

WILCO buys Brian Shaw’s Art for Gig Poster

Brian Shaw graduated a few weeks ago, winner of the 2012 Don Breter Memorial Award for most improved illustration student. He drew a series of gig posters for his senior illustration class. He asked me how he might get them in front of the eyes of Wilco, one of his favorite bands. I didn’t know,Continue reading “WILCO buys Brian Shaw’s Art for Gig Poster”

Dylan Rush: Best in Show: Lucky Break?

Dylan Rush, 19, a Communication Design sophomore at Kutztown University won Best in Show Award at the 2012 Hazelton Art League Open Exhibition. He drew a series of line art portraits of Joe Paterno in January for his first assignment in Kevin McCloskey’s Illustration Techniques class. Dylan calls the work “Joe Pa.” You will noticeContinue reading “Dylan Rush: Best in Show: Lucky Break?”

5 questions about illustration for Matt Phelan

Matt Phelan is coming to Kutztown this weekend for the 2012 Children’s Literature Conference. Even if you can’t make the conference you might go to the KU bookstore to pick up his books at a discount. He is a prolific and popular illustrator. He writes as well. A piece of Matt’s original artwork from hisContinue reading “5 questions about illustration for Matt Phelan”

Chip Kidd Plays Covers

“Majoring in Art at the state university appealed to me because I have always hated Art, and I had a hunch if any school would treat the subject with the proper disdain it would be one run by the government. Of course I was right.”      – Chip Kidd, The Cheese Monkeys: A Novel inContinue reading “Chip Kidd Plays Covers”

ELVIS Face on Tortilla! FAKE!

The ELVIS Tortilla is a fake, a hoax! I made it to publicize the lecture, Rockin’ Las Americas. I apologize if anyone takes offense. I am a big fan of Elvis and of Mexico. The Elvis Tortilla wasn’t easy. Jesus and Hello Kitty are easy; they make toasters especially for their fans. Elvis takes real effort. (See Below.) RefriedContinue reading “ELVIS Face on Tortilla! FAKE!”

An Illustrator’s Mind Explored

Loni Sue Johnson is an an illustrator who has had enormous success. Her whimsical watercolor illustrations graced the pages of the NY Times and six memorable New Yorker covers. Then one day in 2007 she fell ill with viral encephalitis, a rare condition, sometimes carried by mosquitos and ticks. She survived the virus, but largeContinue reading “An Illustrator’s Mind Explored”

He’s Got a Million of them –7 Great Designs by Greg Christman

Greg Christman is one of the most prolific illustrator/designers to come out of Kutztown’s C.D. Dept. His work is frequently seen on the hippest design blogs. He was recently featured in a spread in a new French design publication called the Book of Creation. I asked Greg to explain a few of his inventive imagesContinue reading “He’s Got a Million of them –7 Great Designs by Greg Christman”

Grant Snider, Remarkable Cartoonist, and Future Orthodontist

Grant Snider is a talented young cartoonist. I think his work is brilliant, but you be the judge. He generously gave permission to share a selection of comics. I selected strips that should interest illustrators. More of his art can be seen at Incidental Comics. Grant is studying orthodontics. I find that mind-boggling. We didContinue reading “Grant Snider, Remarkable Cartoonist, and Future Orthodontist”

Another Year, Another Calendar

Black is back. Twenty years ago at a party in Hoboken I overheard a young punk mother complaining because she couldn’t find black baby clothes for her toddler. Today black is back. I got two presents wrapped in black. One was a brilliant new calendar from CD alum Ross Moody’s greeting collective, 55his.com. It couldn’tContinue reading “Another Year, Another Calendar”